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‘Gay in Hip Hop’

October 22, 2011

The hip hop community is a very homo phobic industry. Many people feel it’s highly imperative that artists, and producers manage to keep up a hard ‘thugged’ image for the media. The chances of seeing a completely, feminine gay rapper would cause a lot of controversy. Hip hop is seen as a culture, a highly respected, musical culture. The rappers of today are always equally put under the microscope for the way they carry themselves, and who they are sleeping with in the industry. It’s even more accepted to sometimes see artists linked to several woman at one time. Could this be to cover up some private life style? In fact the odds of getting caught up in a sex scandal, are as normal as putting out a new album.  Some say the practice of having multiple woman is a way of hiding the fact of being a homosexual. It can blind the people, to see a man balancing so many woman at one time, and a career. Even popping out a child or two is a good cover up. The many men who are said to be gay or bisexual in the industry, are mind-blowing. It’s never a month you don’t hear about a rapper, or producer being called out as gay. The fact is that, many many men are in fact living double lives in the entertainment business. We have seen countless writers, bloggers, even Wendy Williams, stating the 411 on who is kind of suspect in the industry. Is the hip hop community ready to hear about the who’s sleeping with who in the game, or is this something that is best to be left quiet?? How many countless rumors have you second guessed about Diddy, and others?

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