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Atlanta’s pimp in the pulpit ‘Eddie Long’

October 22, 2011

The nastiest man in the church pew can’t seem to catch a break! After putting his church, family, and beliefs in the fore front of public scrutiny he has proved why many people are starting to lose faith in Church going. Eddie was once a respected man of God, with a huge following in his preachings, and a successfully ran church establishment. The man who settled out of court in the case of  having sexual relationships with three young men of his church, has been the but of all jokes. The young men walked away with millions, with also a contract of never speaking on the case. Many of his followers left his church and found a place to worship god else where. One of his most prominent members, Martin Luther King’s daughter also stopped attending the church. Once again the so-called man of God is being sued again. Apparently he has scammed some of his members out of retirement savings. Mmm mmm God don’t like ugly..

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