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Gucci Mane ‘Negative press’

October 14, 2011

Southern bred rapper, Gucci Mane has been through tough times throughout his career thus far. After coming out strong, this past summer with top hits such as ‘Lemonade’, he had a pretty good run. Things got hasty though when he ran into some trouble with the law and was sent off to jail.

His negative press started with a fall out with his girlfriend. Apparently while driving at night down a windy road, he had an alleged fall out with the victim. After losing his temper, and becoming dangerous, he abusively pushed her out of the moving vehicle.  This landed Gucci in trouble again with the law, including high court costs paid to the victim. With a struggling career, and constant bad press with the law, he’s turned to every source of publicity in mind to keep his name relevant. Gucci has teamed up with the N-bomb dropping, stuck in a white girl’s body hood chick V-Nasty. V-Nasty is the friend of new comer white female rapper, Kreasyshawn who got signed to Columbia records after a hit single went viral online. Gucci has been spending a lot of time with ‘V’, and supposedly working on a few collaborations with her in the studio to be released soon. Is V-Nasty even a credible ‘artist’ to boost your rap career though?? #kanyeshrug,

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