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Future(@1Future) On Da Spot Freestyle High On Codeine Syrup Sizzurp?????

October 14, 2011

Atlanta’s Favorite Future(@1Future) on SiriusXM Radio HipHopNation with DJ Green Lantern and Radio Personality Boss Lady. Talks about new single “Tony Montana” who Boss Lady honestly says she does not like to Future’s Face. In her words “NOT HER TYPE OF MUSIC” But she respects that its catchy and winning people over who normally wouldnt listen to his type of music.Future States that the “Tony Montana” Official Music Video is on the way they originally wanted to shoot the video in Cuba but could’nt afford to put it in the budget so they took the cheaper approach and just shot it in the Dominican Republic. When Future was asked to freestyle by DJ Green Lantern the words NO crossed his mind but knew he would of  lost credability as an artist and a hip hop figure. So instead of coming of the top with a fresh rap he has this old looking piece of paper he is clearly reading from and he slurs his words while fake freestyling! An inside source tells us Future may have been high off of Promethazine with codeine syrup sizzurp! Claims Future thinks if it worked for YMCMB Rapper Lil Wayne it will work for him too.


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