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Dr.Dre and Ludacris, Beefing over headphones????? are u serious???

October 13, 2011

Well 1 thing is certain. Dr.Dre is a master of hip hop, and one of the pioneers in the game. He’s started many trends, and helped brand many names in the industry. He recently launched a newer improved line of his ‘Beats’, headphones with his business partner Jimmy Iovine. Dre launched his new holiday launch in New York, last week and has added some ‘extras’, to his creation.  The new line came around just in time for the holiday season, and especially when Atlanta rapper Ludacris also has new  ‘megaphones’ coming out.. Jimmy Iovine recently stated that ‘Dre is not just a rapper, he’s a master of sound’. So all of these other ‘rappers’ can try to introduce their own headphones. It just makes us look better’. The Beats headphones has been redesigned with newer matte colors,wireless  bluetooth setup, and can take phone calls. Now that is something flashy for the recording studio. While other rappers such as Luda, has come up with a creation for his own name, and seems to be right on Dre’s heels with the competition.   Ludacris just sponsored the Bet Awards cypher with his line of headphones called ‘Soul’. The line is designed by  Signeo, and has a much more a affordable price then the Beats headphones. One thing is for certain after December 25TH we will see which of the artists designs had a greater impact under the Christmas tree.

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