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Atlanta’s finest T.I. party recap..

October 12, 2011

Ti who has recently been released from prison, then a halfway house is ready to put Atlanta back on the map. The man of many faces, including a devoted husband and father, collabed with Mr.Ciroc himself , Diddy on a super party. The rapper partied it up, after surviving his sentence in prison at club ‘Esso’, in Atlanta.

He was surrounded with the likes of Diddy, Maino, Young Jeezy, and Nelly. Ti, has also been receiving some flack about his parting to hard on the scene. Some disc jockeys from Hot 97 felt that his big club scene was highly immature, and risky enough to land himself back in jail. This however could have spurred from the nasty show of behavior Diddy displayed after cursing at fellow party goers for drinking Grey Goose.   The rapper who has always been adamant about speaking up for himself, responded back via twitter that his life is not entirely in the public eye. He’s admitted to spending time with his family, attending his son’s football games, daughters concerts, and taking his children to the awards. T.i., also did a few interviews and stated his plans on putting Atlanta rappers back on the map. He is especially partial to certain areas who has stood by him since day 1 in the music industry.

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  1. October 12, 2011 2:46 am

    im suprised he didn’t land back in jail after this event! I heard things got wild!

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